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Walk into your grave.

I would post whining about this community being as dead as a very dead thing if I hadn't been so quiet myself. >)

A TidusYuna layout, awesome!

The link takes you to my graphics journal, scudelia. Thanks for looking, and let's have more action here!
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Yeah, it's very dead -__-;
well, for those of us still in school and uni we've got exams this time. we can wait 'til late summer and then go around kickin' ass about people posting layouts. ♥
XD Thanks! I'm trying to make a few myself but I've been putting them off >_
I love it and I'm thinking about using it...gorgeous!
Wonderful layout! n_n I would like to use it, emailed you about the HTML.
this is one of the prettiest layouts i've seen. finding good livejournal layouts has been hard for me. >____< may i have the codes please?

email - eternal_sunshine_please@hotmail.com

yeah, pretty long email address. >____<
hey if the codes for this layout is still available, i will be really grateful if u can email it to me cus i love this layout, one of the best i have seen, thanks alot

email- vkkaizer12012@gmail.com

thank you
^^ nice layout! i really like the pretty blue in it.
I also emailed you about this layout. It's gorgeous.